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Use Parallels Panel To Manage Your Web Site - Part I

Posted on 10/23/2012 by Byron Clarke in Parallels Panel control panels

CCF encourages its clients to use the Parallel's Panel for account management, subscription management, web site management, and more.

To access your Parallels Panel click here:

See below what the Parallels Panel can do for you and your business. In this edition of the CCF Consulting, Inc. newsletter we will look at the base functions of the administrative controls for your account.


An Introduction to the Parallels Panel...

From the home page you can access the store to buy domain names, to buy secure certificates, or to purchase a new hosting subscription. You can also manage your account from the home page ... check your billing history, view your subscriptions, view your balance and even make payments. Managing your SSLs is made easy right from the home page as well.

You Can Now View Your Domains...

View and manage your domains from one easy location. Easy paging for managing hundreds of domain names.

Manage Your Account Through An Easy-To-Use Dashboard...

From this easy-to-use dashboard you can make purchases of software and services from our store, manage your bill, manage your account contact and notification settings, and manage your existing subscriptions.

You Can Review Your Account Billing...

You can now view at your convienence the contact information on the account, invoices, orders, payments and any other adjustments made to your account. You have access to the same information that we have.

Check Your Balance...

View Your Payment Methods & Credit Cards On File...

You Can Take A Short-Cut to Any Subscription...

View your subscriptions and details...

In our next newsletter we will continue the overview of control panels and other administrative functions that can make your life easier and your business' web experience better. If you need your user name and or password to access your Parallels Panel please call 228.867.6008 or 888.445.8694.

To access your Parallels Panel click here:

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