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How To Use Bing Web Master Tools To Improve Your Search Ranking - Part 1

Posted on 11/5/2012 by Byron Clarke

The Bing and Yahoo Web Master Tools allow you to drive traffic to your web site(s), advertise your web site, as well as develop your site with bings toolbox.

In this first article covering the Bing and Yahoo Web Master Tools we will focus on signing-up for a Bing account and driving traffic to your web site.

Go to the home page for Bing Webmaster Tools.

Use the link: You will need to create an account for these tools. This process is not complicated but it does go through several e-mail verification processes before you can get started.
Singing-in to the Bing Webmaster Tool Box

Add your site to Bing

At your dashboard you will be able to add your web site URL. If you have more than one web site you can add multiple URLs to fall under the same Bing account. However, it is suggested that you set-up one URL and go through the process before adding other sites. This will keep the process simpler and allow you to work through the functionality without too much clutter.
Add your site to Bing

Configure your site and the site settings

From the configuration window you can submit your Sitemap(s), Submit URLs, submit Ignore URL Parameters (a list of pages that you do not want indexed on the search engines), set your Crawl Control (this is the frequency that the search engines index your web site), set and manage Deep Links (these are links from a main category page to a detailed page within your web site). You can also set Block URLs (specific pages that you want removed from the search listings), you can set Disavow Links (These are links to your web site that you do not want the search engine to use for ranking purposes), and you can also manage the users that can have access to your Bing account.
Configure your web site with Bing Web Master Tools

Using Bing Reports & Data

Bing's Reports & Data includes Page Traffic, an Indexing Explorer (see how your site is indexed on Bing and yahoo!), and Search Keywords (see what keywords your site is pulling up under). You can also get an SEO Report (find out how you list on the Bing and Yahoo! search engine), you can get an Inbound Links Report (see what sites are linking to yours), and you can view tha Crawler Information (how often the search engines crawl your site).
Using reports and data provided by Bing.

Bing Offers Diagnostic Tools

Bings Diagnostic Tools include keyword research, a link explorer, the ability to Fetch as a Bing (this shows you what the serach engine sees when it is searching your web site), a Mark-Up Validator (this checks the code on your web site), an SEO analyzer (see how to better optimize your web site), and a Verify Bigbot tool.
Bing offers diagnostic tools

Bing offers a Help and How-To Center

Once you get started you may have questions. Try the Bing Webmaster and How To Center to get all of your questions answered.
Bing Web Master Help Desk

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